In Which I Make Levi Stand in the Rain Again

You know this picture:

(Musician in the Rain, Maurice Baquet, Paris, 1957 by Robert Doisneau)

It's probably my favorite photo in the whole world. It hangs on the wall in our room. And I realized that, basically, it was us. I'm the cellist, Levi's the artist. It's perfect. So we're beginning our quest of replicating this photo. This was our test run to get our props and poses in order and I'm pretty darn pleased with it (except for the horrific background). One day, we'll actually do it in Paris.

(I am TOTALLY in love with the colors we have going here, but I have to share a black and white for good measure. Plus, I have a freaky bang curl in this one, like the real guy. Weeeeeird.)

(Mr. Cello has missed being in front of the camera!)