Baby J Turns One!

Oh my goodness! Can this little girl be ONE already?


But yes, it's true! One year ago today, this crazy, sweet, wonderful bundle of true joy came to our arms. (She also thinks peony blossoms are for eating.) 


I remember seeing her beautiful little swirl on her forehead only seconds after she was born. I'm glad she has her daddy's cowlicks. 

Her sweet smiles appeared when she was only two weeks old and rarely stop. 


Of course, like a true little girl with a little curl, she does have her moments.  
But they are usually short-lived.
And now she's such a big walkin' girl!

She's a dare-devil with a wonderful sense of curiosity.
Thanks, Uncle Jacob, for getting some family photos.

He's a great uncle to share a birthday with.

Thanks, sweet Bean, for this wonderful year. We can't imagine life without you.