And so we go to the beach

It was Memorial Day, it was warm, it was time to go to the lake!

This is how Jemima reacted to her First Time Seeing Lots of Water:


And she wanted to run right in.

(Can you say, "Waterbaby?")

(Cheesey edit. Guilty as charged. But it's my two favorite peopplllle!)

(I just might blow this puppy up.)

(After she sat down in the bubble suit, we had to change into her bathing suit.)

(Then we found these people. We love these people.)

(This is the contrast in cousins: Jemima crawls straight into the lake; Harriet stays safely on the sand.)

(Love this man. He's such a trooper; he doesn't like water. Or sand. Gold Stars for his forehead for being Awesome Daddy!)

(I was there.)

(We're fond of this little fella, too. More to come of him in another post.)

(What happens when you eat sand.)